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Comprehensive Home Healthcare Services

In-home healthcare services encompass a wide array of care options designed to meet the diverse needs of individuals requiring medical or personal assistance in their homes. These services aim to support veterans, aged care recipients and individuals with disabilities. At Velan Health, we offer a broad range of in-home healthcare services, from providing respite care to managing complex wounds. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

Personalised Care Plans

Our in-home nursing services centre around the creation of personalised care plans. These are meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of each patient, considering their medical conditions, personal preferences and family dynamics. Our team collaborates with general practitioners, social workers, hospital discharge planners and other medical professionals to support the needs of our patients. This holistic approach aims to address various aspects of the patient’s well-being, from physical health to emotional support.

Our Compassionate Carers

Understanding the critical role of dignity in care services, our team aims to treat each patient with empathy. We are committed to making every individual feel appreciated and supported throughout their care journey. Our registered nurses are aware of the importance of both emotional and physical health and they aim to offer a level of support that transcends traditional medical assistance. This reflects our dedication to providing an experience that addresses health concerns and fosters a sense of comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Respite care is designed to provide temporary relief to primary carers, offering them a break while providing continued support to their loved ones. This service might benefit carers of individuals with chronic illnesses, disabilities or the elderly who require constant supervision and assistance. Respite care can be arranged for just a few hours, overnight or for longer periods, depending on the needs of the carer and the individual receiving care.

Complex wound care at home encompasses the management and treatment of wounds that are difficult to heal due to underlying conditions such as diabetes, vascular diseases or immobility. This service is managed by healthcare professionals who perform regular assessments and apply advanced wound care techniques and dressings to promote healing. The care plan may include cleaning the wound, managing infection and monitoring for any signs of complications. The goal is to minimise discomfort and the risk of infection.


Velan Health is an approved in-home nursing provider for veterans, aged care, disabilities and more.

Working in conjuction with GPs, social workers, hospital discharge planners and other medical professionals, we help protect the dignity of those receiving care and enhance the quality of life for patients and their families.

"Kindness no money
can buy."

Powerhouse Bill

Providing high quality in-home nursing care for our patients, including palliative and terminal care, has become my passion. I think of this process as a privilege and honour to be a part of. We understand how to care for the person, not just the condition, and we know it takes a village to provide all round care. This is why we always say at Velan Health, every voice counts - we tailor the care for each individual and their family, in conjunction with other care providers and requirements.

LeeArn Rapana
Founder & Velan's Mum


Velan Health is an approved in-home nursing provider for veterans, aged care, disabilities and more.


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