In-Home Nursing Services Gold Coast

Care with real experience.

Inspired to start our business journey in honour of our son, the Velan Health team provide high-quality, extensive nursing care for people with disabilities, and life-limiting illnesses and injuries.

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Respite Care

Allowing Family members and Carers to take a break from their care duties with the peace of mind that comes with knowing their loved ones are being looked after by health care professionals who understand the needs required.

Velan Health not only has that understanding but offers a home that is filled with love, compassion, empathy, and first-hand experience.


Palliative Care

Palliative Care is determined when a person living with a serious illness can no longer receive curable treatment. Our compassionate and experienced staff work to reassure the client, family and caregivers by using a holistic, individualised and person-centred care. We work alongside the doctor’s direction which helps us to provide a unique service catered for the individual. Dignity, empathy and comfort are at our fore front.


Complex Wound Care

Wound care comes in many forms. We cover everything from simple post-operative through to chronic wounds. We will consult with the GP and Specialists to provide the most effective treatment.
Our nurses understand the emotional and psychological impact dealing with chronic wounds. We factor this into your care to preserve your dignity and reduce the stress connected with wounds.


Catheter Care (SPC / IDC)

We cover all aspects of catheter care, supporting both female and male, whether short or long term. We will provide discreet and informative care. We work with you by providing strategies to help prevent issues that may arise. Working with your GP and urologist helps eliminate concerns as quickly as possible and maintains continuous care.
Experienced staff and individual care plans will provide you the support you need to live well with your catheter.


Tracheostomy Care

We understand the importance of tracheostomy care. For a patient to have been considered for this procedure, it was deemed necessary to ensure the patient has adequate airway to aid their breathing. Our qualified nurses at Velan Health have been trained in this area to offer extensive care support and knowledge-based training.


Stoma Care

Velan Health nurses recognise the importance of all stoma cares. Offering support, information and knowledge on the necessary care needed to make sure our patients are well informed and confident to care for their particular stoma care.


Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen therapy either PRN or 24/7. At Velan Health our nurses, provide a high level of understanding and education to assist our patients offering assistance empowering confidence and knowledge.

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Night Time Services

Velan Health recognises the significance of incorporating patient-centred care into nursing practise at night. We provide this service because we are aware of the well-being measures that may assist in ensuring the safety of good care for the elderly and because we have identified that some elderly are at risk during the night when they are up using the restroom. Nursing staff are responsible for ensuring that the home or care environment is free of hazards that could cause injury.

Our night-time services are case-by-case.


Personal Care

Our personal care service os designed to aid you to perform basic daily routines. We understand the importance of independence and feeling your best. Our support staff can assist with all aspects of personal care e.g. showering, dressing, toileting, personal hygiene, continence care, medication support and meal preparation.

We pride ourselves on providing a service that is high quality, professional and respectful. We understand that allowing new people into your life and home can be daunting; that is why Velan Health work with to you match you with the right worker, to make the experience a positive one in the comfort of your own home.


Family & Care Support

Currently there are over 2.6 million carers and family who voluntarily provide care and assistance to a family member, friend or someone else that may be living with an array of illnesses or disease.
The role these people play will be different for each unique situation. Carers don’t necessarily have to live with the person they care for and can help with all types of support.

At Velan Health we can assist carers and family through the provision of information, education and resources, planning and organisation of flexible respite options, referrals to other services, and support the carers and family members to manage their own health and wellbeing.

Taking care of yourself isn’t a luxury, it’s a must. It’s very important to recognise when you need to take immediate action to ensure the situation stays positive for both you and the person you are caring for.


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