Client Spotlight: Norma

Norma is our beautiful 95-year war widow. Norma has been a client of Velan Health for over a year when she was recommended to us by a discharge planner at the local hospital.

Norma married her husband Gordon at the age of 21. Norma met Gordon as he was her local baker. They married and had two children; Barbara and Geoff.

They lived on the outskirts of Brisbane, until they retired and moved to Palm Beach on the southern end of the Gold Coast.

Gordon, a returned service member, passed away 18 years ago.

Norma continues to live independently in the same house.

Velan Health provide services to assist Norma to live as independently as possible.

We visit Norma three times a day to assist her with meal preparation, medication assistance, personal cares and good quality one-on-one social aspects. We also provide overnight assistance every night. This provides Norma reassurance and safety during the night.

Velan Health encourages our clients like Norma to remain independent and provides stability to live their lives in the place they call home.

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