Velan’s Story


Velan was born a healthy baby boy. At 11 months old he caught a virus, causing him to have a massive seizure and go into cardiac arrest. He was left with an acquired brain injury, blindness and cerebral palsy. We didn’t know the extent of his condition until the following months when it became evident developmentally.

After Velan passed away, I worked as a carer and support person in an organisation for children just like him. I realised my calling was to become a nurse. I knew it would be a challenge being a mature age student, but I was willing to do whatever it took so that I could help make a difference to children and families just like mine, especially at the end-of-life phase.

We pride ourselves in general nursing, as this service is the start for all clients.

Nursing, especially palliative care and terminal care became my passion, and I think of the process as a privilege and honour to be a part of. We totally understand how to care for the person, not just the condition, and we know it takes a village to provide all round care. This is why we always say at Velan Health, every voice counts – we tailor the care for each individual and their family, in conjunction with other care providers and requirements.

LeeArn Rapana,
Founder & Velan’s Mum



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